My animals

OH and I live with several pets.  Here they are:


This is Hannah, and she’s almost 13.  She is the first cat we adopted, and she came from the RSPCA.  We’ve had her almost 8 years.  She is a very affectionate girl, and loves her cuddles (especially at 4am – once it’s light, we’re fair game).  She also loves her food, and is shameless in her attempts to get more noms!


This is Gizmo.  He is a big soft mummy’s boy!  Unless you are a rodent or bird (or frog!), in which case he is a ferocious and very effective predator.  He also loves his cuddles, and his preferred time for cuddling is around 1-2am.  We adopted him from a local animal charity as a kitten, and he is almost 5 now!  When he was very small he would sit on my shoulder as I went around the house.  Very sweet!

2013-02-05 19.40.10


This handsome young man is Bertie, and until August last year, he was the local stray who terrorised our cats, and no doubt impregnated every intact female for miles around!  Anyway, he rocked up at our house on OH’s last birthday, and after taking him to the vet for a check over and to make sure he wasn’t chipped, we took him in.  He was very promptly neutered, although I don’t think he’s noticed, given the way he sprawls on his back displaying the bits he no longer has.  The vet estimates he’s around 3.  Despite his neutering, he still gets into a number of scrapes, frequently coming home with scratches.  He assures us they were never his fault, and anyway, we should see the other guy!  He’s a happy, loving cat, who just appreciates that he has a soft, warm place to sleep and enough food.  We also keep him a good supply of cardboard boxes, which are perfect for sleeping in.

Finally, we have my rabbits, Teddy and Toffee.

Teddy  Toffee

Teddy came from the local pet shop, while Toffee came from a local animal rescue.  I think you’ll be able to guess which is which!  They are inseparable, and really do adore each other.  It’s very sweet.


Ted is a little bit mental.  He’s not a cuddly bunny by any stretch of the imagination, but he does adore his wife.  Toffee has been a calming influence on him, but still isn’t a cuddle bun, and is still rather skittish.

So that’s our little animal family.  I can’t wait to add a littler human to our home.



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