I just love to bake. If I can find an excuse, I’ll bake for ages!

Today I’m helping out at a Messy Church session at work, and I volunteered to make the cake. Here it is, in all its glory!


It’s multi coloured on the inside, so my hands look fabulous from all the food colouring!


I’m sure it’ll taste mostly of food colouring, but I don’t think the kids will mind. And we’ll feed it to them just in time to send them home to their parents *evil grin*

Also, I found this organisation yesterday, which I think looks fab My cake decorating skills are somewhat limited, but I am learning (trial and error mainly).  So I got in touch with our local group to offer my “expertise”.  Maybe nothing will come of it, but I just think it’s a lovely idea.  People might think the idea that parents might not be able to give their kids a birthday cake is stupid, but I really had my eyes opened to poverty in the UK recently.

I was doing some workshops in a local school in one of the poorest areas of the city, and the teacher asked the kids to finish their work at home, as it was the end of our session.  And a little girl put her hand up and said “but I can’t, my mammy doesn’t have enough money to buy me some colouring pencils” and it just broke my heart!  I spoke to the teacher about it, and he said that the majority of kids in that school only got one decent meal a day, and that was their free school meal.  It made me so sad!

I really hope I can get involved with free cakes for kids.  My mam spent hours making all kinds of fancy birthday cakes for us when we were growing up (my fairy castle was a particular highlight) and a funky cake just really helped make a birthday great and helped give such good birthday memories.  If I could help a kid get some good birthday memories in spite of family difficulties then that would just be great!

My next baking adventure is again for work, and I’m trying to figure out if I could make a more adult themed cake, perhaps a male torso with six pack for a guy at work… maybe that’s a bit ambitious.


So I thought today would be better

Yesterday was the clinic day.  Clinic day always messes me up in some way.  And we knew yesterday was going to be a crap clinic day, since the best possible outcome was going to be a simple negative pregnancy test.  And then yesterday evening we got the best case scenario – straight forward negative, try again next month.

I thought today would be less emotional somehow – having got the blood test and the clinic stuff out of the way for another couple of weeks, I thought I could get back to a more emotionally steady place.

I guess my first act of the day was a stupid one: OH and I watched One Born Every Minute.  OH seemed fine with it, but not me.  It just upset me.  None of the 3 families on it had wanted kids at this point – one even admitted that had it not been Christmas morning, she would have gone and  got the morning after pill.  That just hacked me right off!  People who get pregnant without particularly wanting it upset me the most really.

So today I’ve been emotional and tearful, and I’m just totally drained.  I’m exhausted, I feel like I’ll cry for no reason and I want to comfort eat.  A lot.  I’ve resisted though so far.  Not quite sure how.

The current plan is to watch the rest of the football and then go to bed, and hope tomorrow is a better day.

Since this was a miserable post, I will make it better by inserting a picture of some rabbits.  Image

Snuggly bunnies make the world a better place. Fact.