It’s official. OH is overdue. Her due date was Saturday (obviously we know very few babies come on their due date) but nobody told baby that!

We’re seeing the midwife this afternoon. At this appointment, the midwife will do a membrane sweep, and book us in for induction, should little’un still be keeping us waiting in a fortnight.

We both really want her to come of her own accord, and not be rudely evicted – I think it’d be a much nicer experience all round. I’m so impatient now though! We haven’t just been waiting 9 months for this, but 3 years and 9 months – trying to find the money for the treatment, going through 6 failed IUIs and 1 cancelled cycle, and finally the successful IVF.

We’ve been trying various methods of inducing labour naturally – obviously none of them actually work but we try anyway! Eating lots of curry, eating pineapple, bouncing on the birthing ball, walking lots, playing with the maternity TENS machine. We haven’t tried the nipple stimulation as you have to do a lot of it to make the slightest difference. No way is she trying castor oil (how nasty would it be to have the shits during labour?). We know that next to none of this will make a difference, but at least it feels like we’re doing something! And at least curry tastes good 😁

And so I’m sitting here in bed, watching as little’un hiccups away, and hoping the wait will be over soon. We just can’t wait to meet her!


5 comments on “Waiting

  1. No sweep – OH’s cervix was still a bit too long and the midwife couldn’t quite reach baby’s head. It was somewhat positive though in that it’s obvious things are moving forward well. We’re going back on Friday for another attempt at a sweep (provided OH doesn’t pop before then) and we’ll probably have induction booked then. Midwife also recommmended nipple stimulation.

    So we’re getting there, I just need to learn a bit of patience!

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