I’m back!

Much has changed since I last blogged. England spectacularly lost The Ashes. The Church of England has voted in favour of women bishops. Everyone on Facebook and Twitter seems to have chucked buckets of icy water on their heads…


Our first IVF was successful, although not a particularly smooth road. She responded poorly to the drugs, and only had 3 eggs. 2 fertilised, so we transferred both of them. And one implanted and has grown into our amazing baby girl, who is due to arrive on Saturday! Obviously she is unaware of this, and is highly unlikely to make an appearance on Saturday, but she’ll be here soon. 

We found out the amazing news on December 23rd. OH was convinced it hadn’t worked. On December 22nd, I was preparing to scrape OH off the floor as we coped with another childless Christmas, singing carols about a mother and child and trying to hold it together.

Instead, we sat in my parents-in-law’s bathroom, waiting for pee sticks to give us the confirmation of the bad news. OH put the first response test in the pee first, and then as she was holding the clear blue digital in the cup, she said “oh my God, there’s a 2nd pink line appearing!” Her hands began shaking, and I thought she was going to spill pee all over the bathroom. In the mean time, the little egg timer on the digital test went round and round. After an eternity, it said “pregnant 1-2 weeks”. We were gobsmacked, and retreated to our room to try and get our heads round it.

Eventually, we went downstairs to tell OH’s family. OH simply said “mum, you know how you bought all that Brie? Well I can’t eat any of it”. I sent text messages to all family and friends who knew this had been testing day. At 8am (when the clinic opens) we rang them, and spoke to the one nurse who didn’t know us. The conversation kind of went:

OH: I’m calling to say I did a pregnancy test this morning and it’s positive

Nurse: was it a spontaneous pregnancy?

Every other nurse would have known this couldn’t be the case, and we would have loved to speak to any of the others who had been with us through the whole journey.

We went out and bought a big pregnancy book with week-by-week pictures and writing about what baby was doing and how she was growing each week. And every Saturday morning since, we’ve got the pregnancy book out and looked up how our little one has been developing.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing. We were so stressed after what had happened previously, and until the 12 weeks scan I was really terrified. OH had terrible morning (and noon and night) sickness. I lost my job in May.

But now OH is 40 weeks on Saturday, and if baby is reluctant, OH will have a sweep on Monday, then one a week later, and then be induced after that. 

We’re desperate to meet her. OH is uncomfortable, and the house is pretty much all set, both for baby and for the impending arrival of my in-laws, who will come down from Scotland to stay once little’un arrives.

I can’t wait!




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