It’s been a while

I have been neglecting my blog somewhat of late. It simply seemed there was nothing new to say: OH had more IUI, it wasn’t successful. As I’d expected – I have completely lost faith in IUI, and the most recent was more going through the motions, the only thing we’d get from it was IVF on the NHS. Which is where we are at.

Now we’re at IVF stage, I seem to have lost the plot. I’m low, exhausted and just don’t seem to know how to cope. OH has found her way: read every book ever written about IVF, and improve her diet.

On the plus side, the clinic appointment required before commencing IVF is sooner than expected – under 2 weeks away, which is impressive for the NHS. Past experience had us expecting a month or more. This is heartening.

We’re armed for the appointment with a dissertation-length list of questions, a list that grows every day! I am quite nervous about the appointment – that we’ll be disappointed in some way, that I’ll turn into a blubbing mess. I hate crying in front of anyone other than OH, and that’s bad enough.

I am sorry this is not a happy post, but optimism is thin on the ground for me right now.


One comment on “It’s been a while

  1. I’m sorry you’re not back with better news, but I will say that IVF can be kind of liberating in some ways. You get to check in every day and see how things are going, and feel like you are doing something! There’s still no control over the actual pregnant/not pregnant thing, but I found myself a lot happier with IVF than IUI in the end. Good luck!

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