IUI #5

We had our 5th IUI yesterday.

It was traumatic again.

Once again, the Dr had huge problems getting the catheter through OH’s cervix (she has a retroverted uterus). She tried 2 different catheters and made so many attempts. Eventually, she put a clip on OH’s cervix, which, as you can guess, was very painful.

I ended up stressed too. I hated feeling so powerless, watching them try again and again, as OH lay there in pain. All I could do was hold her hand, and it felt so inadequate. I wanted to make it better. And there was also the worry that the wouldn’t be able to get it to go through.

It felt like we were in theatre ages. I can only imagine what it must have been like for OH, feet in stirrups, speculum in the whole time…

Thankfully they got there. I really hope this is the one. It’s been so gruelling this time. Please pray for us x


2 comments on “IUI #5

  1. I don’t “like” this so much as acknowledge it…been there. Going to be there again in about a week. Sending up prayers for you guys.

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