Rivalling OH’s fertility drug picture!

OH recently posted the obligatory fertility drugs pic on her blog. However, I can rival/beat her with my daily drug consumption:


This treasure trove of delights is my current survival kit for my bipolar, hayfever, asthma and under active thyroid! This does not include the occasional extras, such as diazepam, migraine meds and steroid tablets!

I think you’ll agree it’s quite impressive! And sort of irritating from my point of view.


IUI #5

We had our 5th IUI yesterday.

It was traumatic again.

Once again, the Dr had huge problems getting the catheter through OH’s cervix (she has a retroverted uterus). She tried 2 different catheters and made so many attempts. Eventually, she put a clip on OH’s cervix, which, as you can guess, was very painful.

I ended up stressed too. I hated feeling so powerless, watching them try again and again, as OH lay there in pain. All I could do was hold her hand, and it felt so inadequate. I wanted to make it better. And there was also the worry that the wouldn’t be able to get it to go through.

It felt like we were in theatre ages. I can only imagine what it must have been like for OH, feet in stirrups, speculum in the whole time…

Thankfully they got there. I really hope this is the one. It’s been so gruelling this time. Please pray for us x